Marnavi Shipping Management PVT LTD


Is to be most reliable ship management companies, which boasts seasoned crews at sea and the best management team on land. Marnavi Shipping Management provides unsurpassed quality service and knowledgeable and experienced management at 360 degrees ensuring secure and serene
passage for all its vessels and precious cargo.

So we, operate in accordance with International, National, Mandatory and Statutory regulations regarding Fleet Personnel matters, because we well know that the crew is the heart of the shipping industry and we boasts highly qualified and impeccably trained crews on each of its vessels; the company’s high retention rate is a testament to its commitment to quality and the quality
of its crews, that why we are strictly comply with all Company Objectives and Policies when handling Fleet Personnel functions.

Communicate effectively with Owner’s Vessels and other parties to ensure that all Fleet Personnel matters are dealt with in the most efficient manner.
To keep abreast of Manning trends and carry out the functions of manning and training efficiently and cost effectively.