Marnavi Shipping Management PVT LTD


A capable and seasoned team handles the accounting for the entire fleet, managing every aspect of Crew Portage Bill administration proficiently, ethically, openly and responding with tailor made solutions for each client’s needs.
Ships assessment
If Company agrees we arrange for a a specific vessel's inspection, before to commence crewing service. This, together information's about  Ship's Commercials employment, enable our crewing department to have a full and concrete picture  of your needs and we can asset a specific strategy on crew selection in conformity with the acquired information's.
- RPLS audit
Rigorous external auditing has been exercised since inception of the company.
- Management audit
Besides our in-house audit structure, we encourage our principals to carry out audit and assessment of services rendered at Marnavi Mumbai premises.
Reports to principals
Our reports to you are tailored to your requirements. However as a standard practice we provide all important information and report at regular interval to our Principals.