Marnavi Shipping Management PVT LTD

Crew Management


Sea Staff Supply Solution.
 “The vessel is only as good as the crew” and to reinforce the importance crewing we ensure that our people are well trained and meet the highest professional standards that are demanded internationally.
Our seafaring personnel are truly global. Through our network of agents worldwide we currently employ Indians, Italian, Ukranian, Russian, Romanian, Georgian, Latvian Crew on board our vessels.
Recruiting system / crew selection.
Our officers and crew are selected on the basis of their competence, experience, good health and their conduct record. Under our policies only those officers / crew who fulfill IMO and STCW 95 criteria are employed.
This is achieved by an internal quality control system.
Medical Examination: A thorough medical examination / medical test of all candidates is done by Directorate General of Shipping approved Doctor.
Crew Evaluation System and Personal Record
We maintain very comprehensive personal records of our officers and crew (in electronic data-bases and hard copy). The crew is evaluated by the head of the department and the Master at 6 month intervals. Also the superintendents attending vessels prepare a detailed evaluation of all staff.
Policies of Crew Safety and Health
Marnavi Shipping Management has in house Safety and Audit Division which is in-charge of conducting safety and quality audit of ships, identifying non conformities and conducting a thorough follow-up so that the non- conformities are cleared and a safe working environment exists
on the ship.
Drug Abuse / Alcohol Policy
We have in force a strict policy for ensuring that the abuse of drug and alcohol does not occur onboard ships under our management.